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new brother used

(used almost new 3-5 days) Black Shark 3 (128 GB, 8 GB RAM, 5G network) global version

539.73 USD

Remained 2


- Additional buttons on the screen (3D Touch) that accept the pressure feature so that it can be programmed according to your desire (for example: press firmly on the screen that fires a machine gun, press left firmly to fill the storage) that differs from the normal touch as a distinctive feature (and you can choose the special button for the place of pressure on the screen)

HI RES technology for better sound accuracy

90Hz screen for better gaming speed

6.67 inch screen

64 mega pixel camera

The fifth generation network

- Snapdragon 865 . processor

Cooling the processor on the front and back sides with liquid cooling

4750 mAh battery

Wi-Fi 6 is the new generation of Wi-Fi

- The technology of charging the two internal batteries at the same time.. (inside the battery is divided into two batteries and charging will be faster because each battery will receive its own energy) Charging speed 65 watts

539.73 USD